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 Name  Position
 Karen Alexander Grade 6/7/8 ELL Resource
 Cynthia Alexandre Library 
 Jeanne Altrui  Office Clerk
 Patricia Anderson  Reading
 Eric Asselin  Grade 7/8 Social Studies
 Gregory Barker  Physical Education
 Kelly Barone  Technology
 Steven  Bishop  Grade 7/8 E.L.A.
 Doreen Boisclair Grade 6 Science/Social Studies
 Sara Booth Drama/Public Speaking
 Paula Bradshaw Teacher Assistant
 Renee Brannigan Grade 6 Special Education
 Wade Briggs Physical Education
 Jennifer Bromley  Math Intervention
 Kellie Carr DPT
 Sandra Casavant  Teacher Assistant
 Lori Chadwick School Nurse
 Joseph Clark Teacher Assistant
 Diane Clift  Guidance Counselor Grade 6
 Christopher Colson  21st Century Technology 
 Kelly Ann Colson  Grade 8 Math
 Daniel Crow  Occupational Therapy
 Despina Diko  Special Education
 Jim Diko  Student Support Dean
 Bethany  Dunphy  Special Education
 Don Dupre Music
 Angelo Gentile  Grade 7/8 Geography/History (ESL)
 Julie Girouard  Grade 6 Math/Social Studies
 Lisa Hadley Special Education
 Janelle Haire Grade 8 Science
 Deborah Harrall-McDade  Social Worker
 Christine Hey Psychologist
 Joseph Juaire Custodian
Glenn Hopkins  Grade 7 Social Studies
 Ryan Leach  Custodian
 Jacob Lenahan  Custodian
 Victoria Levesque  Teacher Assistant
 Jiayi Liu Chinese
 Marissa Lynch Special Education
 Andre Marcelin Music
 Carolyne Marcello Grade 6 Math/Social Studies
 Brenda Machado  Office Clerk
 Michael Marques  Physical Education
 April Marquis  Grade 7/8 E.L.A.
 Pedro Martins Custodian
 Joe McConaghy Grade 8 Social Studies
 Grant Meehan  Grade 8 Science
 Melanie Moe Art
 Cynthia  Mould  Special Education
 Raina Nauman Grade 7/8 Science
 Lisa Palombo  Special Education
 Olga Pardo  Spanish
 Ronald Patenaude  Grade 8 Math
 Ann Pinault  Grade 6 Science/Social Studies
Kendra Pires  Grade 6 Math/Social Studies
 Leigh-Ann Plante Literacy/ELA Elective
 Laurie Randall  Social Worker
 Nathan Rebello  Grade 6 Science/Social Studies
 Sarah Rockwell  Grade 7/8 Science
 Tanya Romani Guidance Grade 8
 Officer Darren Rose Student Resource Officer
 Cheryl Rourke  Teacher Assistant
 Richard Santoro Special Education
 Paul Semenkow  Grade 8 E.L.A.
 Mauria Serio Special Education
 Jessica Shaw  Grade 6 E.L.A/Social Studies
 Laurie Simanski  Grade 7/8 Math
 Myrtie Spetka Special Education
 Ethlyn Stanzione  Grade 8 E.L.A.
 Jorge Torres  Grade 7/8 Math
 Maureen Toth  Guidance Grade 7
 Audrey Troll Speech
 Sharon Usher  Grade 6 E.L.A/ Social Studies
 Jenna Woynar Grade 6 E.L.A/Scocial Studies