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Save the Date:

Goff Spring Bazaar - May 13th - 9am until 2pm

Do you have gently used shoes that you no longer need?

Donate them to our PTO for our spring fundraiser.

Thank you in advance for your help!



  • Goff Gear
    Goff Gear is always available for purchase!
  • Box Tops and Sunny D Labels
    The Goff PTO collects all of the above items.  Please send them in to school!
What's going on?
Teams 2016-2017

Team Names Announced:


Team A (Semenkow...)  Team Apollo

Team B (Stanzione...)  Team Vikings

Team C (Bishop...)  Team Phoenix

Team D (Marquis...)  Team Voyager

Team 6A (Usher...) Team Juno

Team 6B (Girouard...)  Team Neemo


Team 6C (Nolin...)  Team Hurricanes


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Message from Mrs. Ramzi

Welcome to Goff Middle School - the Home of the Gladiators! 

Goff Middle School is a fabulous place to learn and work.  Our student body consists of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders predominantly from Potter Burns, Fallon, Curtis, and Curvin McCabe elementary schools.  Our teachers and staff are second to none and are eager to make our students’ three years at Goff years they will remember forever.  We offer a comprehensive educational program that prepares our students to be life-long, successful learners.  We take our partnership with the home and the community seriously and work to establish an environment that values diversity and fosters respect for all individuals.  Additionally, we offer a wide array of extra and co-curricular activities that are sure to get everyone involved.  Whether it is a sport, a club, or a fine arts production, our students will find an activity that interests them and will get involved and show their Goff Pride.

Goff PRIDE is the foundation upon which everything is done.  P: Personal Responsibility – our students will take responsibility for their academics and behavior; R:  Respect – our students show respect at all times for their classmates, their school, the adults, and themselves; I:  Involvement – our students get involved in all aspects of the school community; D:  Determination – our students are determined to succeed; E:  Excellence – our students strive for excellence each and every day.

I welcome you to Goff Middle School.  If there is every anything you need, please feel free to ask.  The faculty, staff, and administration are here to help in every way that we can.  Middle school can sometimes be difficult years, but together we will make it outstanding!

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2016-2017, here we come!


Lisa Benedetti-Ramzi



Our Mission and Beliefs
  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Goff Middle School, in partnership with home and community, is to establish an environment that values diversity and fosters respect for all individuals, an enthusiasm for learning, and a quest for success.  Together, we will create a safe and nurturing school which produces well prepared learners who are familiar with current technology and prepared for life’s challenges.

  • Belief Statements:

      1.   Every individual deserves to be treated with respect.

      2.   With a positive attitude and effort, everyone will learn and succeed

      3.   Communication between student, teacher, and parents is essential to a child’s success

      4.   Everybody deserves to come to a safe school with a nurturing environment conducive to learning

      5.   Well-prepared learners, familiar with today’s technology will be prepared for today’s job market

      6.   We respect diversity in our school and in the community