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Open House - Thursday, September 18th from 6:30pm until 8:30pm

PTO Fundraiser Begins September 18th...ends October 7th

Our First fundraiser begins on September 18th.  This is a catalog fundraiser. There are many items to choose from including magazines, chocolates, wrapping paper, and other items. All parents who attend open house will receive a packet at open house.  All others will receive a packet on Friday, September 19th.  All proceeds benefit the PTO and go back to the students and teachers at Goff. All orders should be returned to Goff by Tuesday, October 7th.  Please hand in only 1 check with your order to Goff Junior High PTO.

This catalog fundraiser has an online option as well...Simply visit www.jeannine.biz and click the shopping bag. Let friends and family know about this website.  Customers can pay with a credit card and orders will be shopped directly to them.  If ordering online, be sure that family members include our school and the student's name to receive credit for the order.

If there are any questions, please contact Mrs. Gravel or Mrs. Colson at school.

Additional 6th Grade Classroom - Encore Class Changes

Please see the attached letter to learn about changes in student schedules that will take place during the week of September 8th.More

Summer Reading Information

Summer Math Information

The Goff Math Department is asking students to participate in Tenmarks Online Summer Program. All students were given login information for themselves and a parent before they left school.  We are asking students to participate one hour per week during the summer.  Credit will be given in September for those who can show documentation of participation.  If you did not receive a login code, follow the instructions on the attached letter and use the school access code to register on your own. More

Box Tops and Sunny D Labels

We are collecting Box Tops and Sunny D Labels.  Students can turn these items into their advisory teacher.  We earn 10 cents for every box top collected and for every 5 Sunny D labels collected we can turn them in for free books for our school.  

Goff Gear

Goff Gear is available anytime.  Send your order form in to the office!!!More
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Message from Mrs. Ramzi

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Goff Junior High School – where success happens every day.  We are thrilled to have your children be a part of our school.  We, the Goff Gladiators, are proud to show our Goff Pride each and every day and look forward to showing you.

This past September, we welcomed over 650 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students to the Goff community.   It has been an exciting first month of school and all our students are getting adjusted and showing their Goff Pride.

All of us here at Goff – the administrators, teachers and staff – are very eager to work with your children during their middle school years.  These years are some of the most exciting.  They are full of changes and new beginnings.  Throughout your child’s time here, please get involved.  Check your child’s grades regularly on MMS parent, email your child’s teacher or guidance counselor with a concern or question, join our PTO and join us at all our family outreach events.    We communicate regularly though email so please be sure we have your up-to-date email address.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your child’s success throughout the year.  Welcome to the Goff family!

Our Mission and Beliefs
  • Mission
    The mission of Goff Junior High School, in partnership with home and community, is to establish an environment that values diversity and fosters respect for all individuals, an enthusiasm for learning, and a quest for success. Together, we will create a safe and nurturing school which produces well prepared learners who are familiar with current technology and prepared for life's challenges.
  • Beliefs
    • Every individual deserves to be treated with respect.
    • With a positive attitude and effort, everyone will learn and succeed.
    • Communication between student, teacher, and parents is essential to a child's success.
    • Everybody deserves to come to a safe school with a nurturing environment conducive to learning.
    • Well-prepared learners, familiar with today's technology will be prepared for today's job market.
    • We respect diversity in our school.